Adobe Access DRM (digital rights management)


>Adobe Access DRM content protection


Heavy Computing also offers Adobe Access DRM (digital rights management) video content protection. This is a copyright and asset protection scheme using Adobe's state of the art Access DRM control system. It is a third party verification model, where the client player receives a token from the video streaming server and contacts the license issuer to ensure the server is verified. The Server contacts the license issuer to verify the player's legitimacy as well, ensuring it meets playback criteria. Various flexible features are available under Adobe Access including content storage and expiry time, number of playbacks, content-ID tracking to track repeated playbacks from the player off cached storage, among others.

Access allows playback via Flash, Android and iOS (apple iphone/ipad) devices, securing your media across a variety of platforms for a variety of playback schemes including Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming, Apple HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP), progressive download and direct download for later viewing on devices (such as when they go offline at a later time).

We are happy to provide DRM licensing services for your video, hosted on our high capacity bandwidth setup.

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