>Internet Bandwidth & Transit services


Heavy Computing maintains a primary POP in 151 Front St. W., Toronto's premiere colocation and carrier interconnect facility, and we offer access to 100s of disparate Tier 1 & 2 carriers to suit your specific internet bandwidth or transit needs. We maintain our own BGP feed as AS19117 via multiple carriers, and are also a member of the Toronto Internet Exchange, and have easy en-suite access to Standard Connections in Telehouse Canada's suite 602.

We are happy to provide transit to your existing AS, or manage a BGP feed for you. Alternately, we can provision you with internet bandwidth for your hosting or colocation needs, or haul it to your POP(s) as required via local point-to-point carriers available in 151. We also offer static IP blocks on up to 4 disparate carriers, to allow fine-tuned traffic and latency management for your needs.

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